Welcome to Femme Osage Haus

Nestled in the beautiful and historic Femme Osage Valley, the Femme Osage Haus is a typical farmhouse built more than 130 years ago, around 1880.


Most of the house stands now as it was first built. Originally the home of a 95-year-old German widow of the town blacksmith, for almost 75 years, from around 1915 until 1990.


Your hostess, Mary, serves all her guests a full country breakfast and has coffee available for early risers. Upon arrival, you are greeted with cookies and soft drinks whichever is more appropriate for the time year you visit


This country Bed & Breakfast home is the perfect relaxing getaway. Come sit out under the stars on the deck or relax in the screened-in arbor, or take a walk through the historic town of Femme Osage.


Open year-round, we invite you to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of a stay at Femme Osage Haus.

Femme Osage Haus is located near Daniel Boone home, just 45 minutes west of St. Louis and 30 minutes from St. Charles, Missouri.